Use a custom domain name to replace your links.

"Since using Beautify Link for my Insta profile, the clicks on the link in my bio have increased! And visually I find it much prettier so thank you for this great service ;)"

The benefits of having your own domain name

Boost your credibility

Whether you are an artist, musician, painter, digital creator, entrepreneur... A custom domain name with your name/brand gives more credibility.

Your name belongs to you

Stay owner of your name/brand on the internet. When you buy a domain name, it belongs to you. No one else can use it on your behalf.

Increase your links clicks

For visitors, a personalized domain with your name/brand is much more reassuring than a link they may not know. They will click on it without hesitation.

How it works?

First, reserve your custom domain

Find the perfect domain name with our search engine. Other domain extensions (for example .me, .fans, .art, .co, etc.) are available if you cannot find what you are looking for with .com.

Then set your redirection link

From your dashboard, you enter the redirect link for your domain name. You can change this link as many times as you want.

For example, you can redirect your domain to your Linktree page, YouTube channel, OnlyFans profile...

You can also create sub-redirects

This feature allows you to create on-the-fly redirects like

This can be very useful with affiliate links for example. Instead of using bitly or any (unreassuring) link, you can use your custom domain name. The goal is once again to gain credibility and reassure the visitor so that he clicks on your links without any hesitation.

The Service is Free.

You only purchase your custom domain name.

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